Audition to Join the
Oʻahu Choral Society

Singers who wish to reserve a time slot on an upcoming audition date should complete an application (see inset) and contact us at Singers who successfully pass the audition will be invited to join the Oʻahu Choral Society.

Audition Dates

Auditions for new singers generally are held twice a year: at the beginning of the season in the fall and in mid-season toward the end of the calendar year.

Prospective singers:
• Our next auditions are scheduled for Monday, Jan. 26, 2015.
• Fill out this application form to schedule your audition, and bring this form with you.
singer requirements

The Audition Process

Any singer who is at least 18 years of age or who has graduated from high school may audition. Singers should bring sheet music for a piece of their choosing and be prepared to sing it for the Artistic Director, Dr. Esther Yoo. The piece should be an art song, aria, or hymn, and we advise selecting something classical in nature. An accompanist will be provided. In addition to singing their selected piece, all singers will be voiced to assess range, quality, diction, and sight-reading ability.

Images of OCS rehearsal from KITV news. Images of OCS rehearsal from KITV news. Images of OCS rehearsal from KITV news. Images of OCS rehearsal from KITV news.

This video news report was broadcast 10 August 2010.

Chorus Membership

The Oʻahu Choral Society is a professional-level, volunteer chorus. Dues are $200 for the entire season. Scholarships are available for full-time students and for those with financial need. Singers in the Chorus agree to abide by a set of requirements.